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Specialist Horticultural & Landscape Staffing Agency Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Specialist knowledge and dedication to the sector drives continued growth of HL Services Ltd, providers of Grounds Maintenance, Horticultural & Landscaping professionals and seasonal workers

HL Services Ltd is celebrating five years of being in the business of helping clients find experienced and qualified staff, from entry level to senior management positions, within the Grounds Maintenance, Horticultural and Landscaping sector.

Glenn Portnoy, Sales Development Manager at HL Services had the following to say:

“We opened our doors with the aim of serving clients, locally and nationally, struggling to find appropriate staff to design, build, manage and maintain their grounds. Sourcing appropriate and qualified staff in this sector can be challenging. As a specialist in this area, we are uniquely placed with an extensive network of contacts within the sector and this has allowed us to successfully help our clients fill their roles. We’ve been privileged to help a range of clients including premier league football clubs, a world-famous sporting venue, many schools, cemeteries, councils, facilities, and residential and commercial sites with staff at every level of their organisation.

The last five years has brought new challenges to the UK economy, the staffing market in general and for the Grounds Maintenance, Horticultural and Landscaping industry in particular. Demand, however, for supervisory and, especially, key management positions has increased significantly and competition to attract this level of candidate is fierce. As this sector grows, in addition to new vacancies, businesses have been keen to retain their existing workforce and management infrastructure. This has seen them call on HL Services experience within the staffing sector to assist with engagement and retention programmes.

We’ve found our role evolving from simply providing staff; we form partnerships with our clients to provide a holistic staffing function. We’ve helped our clients with advice on reducing staff turnover and increasing retention rates, helped with pay structures and reward schemes, and even provided advice on marketing, both generally and with a view to attracting experienced management-level candidates. Our experience and depth of understanding of the sector has allowed us to successfully deliver a value-add service to our clients to which they have responded warmly.

A lack of uptake from school and college leavers has left the apprenticeship and entry level positions increasingly difficult to find suitable candidates for. Recognising the increasingly large gap between candidates and vacancy numbers, HL Services Ltd is involved with The BALI Chalk Fund which provides funding for skills training and education across the landscape industry with the aim of upskilling the existing workforce and attracting new people to this dynamic sector.

Getting the next generation interested in the horticultural & landscaping sectors is essential, and, too often, the sector is overlooked through lack of awareness as to the diversity of career paths on offer. There are so many areas to interest those who enjoy working in a spatial field, with an eye for design or an interest in presenting our natural environment in the most sustainable and aesthetically pleasing light possible. We’re keen to show the younger generations how varied the sector is and the diversity of roles open to them from the hands-on jobs up to business management level. It’s an important and vibrant sector and we’re dedicated to helping it grow.”


HL Services Ltd provides seasonal and permanent staff to the Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping and Horticulture sector from entry positions through to senior management and director level. Based in Ilford, with over 10 years recruitment industry experience and extensive specialist knowledge of this

sector, HL Services helps clients around the UK, fill vacancies for this niche sector. Committed to the industry they serve, HL Services is a member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and a supporter of Go Landscape and the BALI Chalk Fund.

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