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Preparing for a new starter

Make sure you are prepared for your new starter and make them feel welcomed into the team by following these 8 tips, provided by Pro Landscaper magazine.


  • Make an announcement – ensure that the rest of your staff is aware that a new starter will be joining them. You don’t want the new starter to feel uncomfortable if they turn up and are greeted by blank faces who don’t realise who they are.


  • Assign people to help the new starter – it is good practice to assign a group of people to show them the ropes or even a ‘buddy’ who they can partner up with until they feel comfortable.


  • Set everything up prior to their arrival – make sure that their PC, email accounts and phone are set up. Also if they need any work equipment for on site (i.e. tools, clothing etc) make sure this is ready for them.


  • Create an induction pack – include a current organisation chart listing the current roles and employees’ names, a copy of the company’s HR manual, a copy of the job description, copies of any marketing materials – such as brochures, a staff contact list, a safety induction – including evacuation procedures, security access and anything else they may need.


  • Offer them a later start than usual – on the first day it can be beneficial to both of you to let them start a bit later. It gives you a chance to prepare for them to arrive and will be easier to welcome them to the team and avoid them feeling awkward arriving early when you may not be there yet.


  • Give them a reasonable workload – it is easy to think it’s best to not overwhelm a new starter with too much work but you also don’t want them to get bored. Find a balance of giving them the right amount of work so that they don’t feel awkward having to ask you what they should be doing every hour but also not so much that they feel they can’t do it.


  • Don’t let them lunch alone – a first day can be daunting so ask the rest of the team to invite them to lunch with them or even throw a company lunch to welcome them.


  • Catch up with them – it is important to have regular catch ups to see how they are getting on and if they have any questions etc.


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