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Write a job spec to attract the best candidates

Here at Horticulture Careers HQ, we are often asked to review a job spec before we post them.

We’ve seen all manner of postings, from the average to the quirky, and there are a few things we’ve learnt along the way that will help your post attract the right candidates.

Get the job spec right

  1. Be clear about the role, the duties that would be expected of the successful candidate, and where they would fit into the overall structure of your business.
    A good level of detail here will help show the applicant what would be expected of them. It helps them make an informed decision about whether the role and company are a good fit for them.
  2. Be informative, but try not too include too much irrelevant information or repeat yourself.
    You want to make sure that all the information the candidate needs is included in the job spec. But if the listing is too long then people aren’t likely to stick around until the end. Remember, most people who are viewing your spec for the first time are going to be browsing, it’s up to you to keep their attention.
  3. Wherever possible, try to include a salary bracket.
    A huge amount of job postings are listed as DOE (dependent on experience). This of course allows the recruiter to gauge the level of the applicant before deciding on a salary. However, candidates who are looking to switch from one role to another are more likely to pursue an application if they can see the remuneration will be an improvement on their current earnings.
  4. Avoid using internal lingo and jargon.
    You may have your own abbreviations and ways of communicating within the office, but candidates won’t necessarily understand this. Wait until you recruit somebody, and then you can teach them.
  5. Include an exact location.
    The more specific you are about where the work will be, the more likely you will be to find somebody in the area. This will also help improve online traffic to your job post from people sing search engines.

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