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Hire an apprentice for FREE – Your industry needs you!

If you’re a company director or a hiring manager with a clear scope for your business, the chances are you’ve considered hiring an apprentice before.

You’ve either given it serious consideration, or perhaps it was just a passing thought.

Much of the time however, many people dismiss the idea.

There are some fantastic reasons to consider hiring an apprentice as part of your workforce though.

There has never been a better time to do so, with Horticulture Careers offering FREE postings for all apprenticeship vacancies.

Here are our top reasons to consider the addition of an apprentice to your workforce.


You’ll be doing your part to combat unemployment and nurture the future of your industry

Opening up opportunities for people to learn whilst working not only means giving a future to an individual, but also to the industry as a whole.

You can rest easily knowing that you’re doing your part to address any skills shortages that many horticultural trades are currently suffering from.


Contrary to popular belief, hiring an apprentice is inexpensive and usually government funded

The government will pay for some, or possibly even all, of the training involved depending on the age of the apprentice.

If you find the process overwhelming, organisations such as the YMCA or the Princes Trust have a huge focus on placing apprentices into positions.

If you’re willing to open a vacancy, there are people who will be willing to take care of the rest.


You can train staff in a way that fits with your company’s mantra

You can focus on developing their skills to grow key aspects of your business.

If you are training somebody from scratch, you can effectively mould them to understand the ethos and vision of your company in it’s day to day affairs.

An apprentice will have no preconceived ideas of how things should be done. A really good one could prove invaluable to you for many years after their apprenticeship ends.


You can train existing staff through an apprenticeship scheme 

People tend to associate apprenticeships with 16-year-old’s fresh out of high school.

Whilst this is often the case, it is by no means a rule – in fact in 2017 only 24.6% of apprentices were under 19 years old.

You can also offer apprenticeships to existing staff to boost their skill set or retrain them into a new position. Even a company CEO can take an apprenticeship!


Trust the statistics!

In 2017, 75% of employers reported that taking on an apprentice helped their business improve.

77% kept their apprentice and offered them a permanent post.

92% of apprentices in work felt that the apprenticeship had had a positive impact on their career, with over 90% of apprentices stepping into work or further training.

These statistics are from the government’s website.


It’s FREE!

Horticulture Careers do not charge for advertising apprenticeships on our job board, simply send us your spec and we will get it live!


For more information on apprenticeships, or to advertise your post contact Liam Colclough.

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