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Founder of Scape Design visits Plumpton College students

Students at Plumpton College were visited by four time RHS Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner James Basson. James, alongside partner Helen Basson, is also the founder of Scape Design. A garden design company which specialises in sustainable, ecological and low maintenance gardens. The ethos of Scape Design is to blend gardens into their surroundings, hand selecting the correct plant palette to ensure that it is perfectly adapted to each garden. By studying the biodiversity of plants and interaction of elements, Scape Design integrate local materials and select the correct plants for the surroundings in order to lessen the need for maintenance, water or chemicals, creating a sustainable environment. These themes were the focus of James’ talk at Plumpton College. 

During the event, James led with “what happens in the landscape” and illustrated how sustainable approach was the starting point for all his work. He took the audience on a journey through his approach and methodology, explaining how he found his inspiration. James then went on to outline the various processes that have guided him throughout his career to build such revolutionary gardens and as a result, why he thinks he has been fortunate enough to be awarded four gold medals at Chelsea. 

James recounted at the start of the presentation: “I felt like I didn’t slot in until I found garden design.” Which felt to have resonated with many students. The garden design courses include a wonderful range of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, with students as young as seventeen and ranging to fifty or over. The course gives students the opportunity to grow, to evolve themselves in their chosen career or take the step from a current profession to an exciting and inspirational one, much of which was echoed in James’ presentation. Plumpton College holds a number of exciting and inspirational open events. For a full list of events, head to and register to discuss your potential horticultural future with Plumpton College.

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