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From their office in Gloucester Docks, Cole and Yates Recruitment are dedicated to finding permanent work for landscaping and grounds maintenance professionals all over the UK. Horticulture Careers’ Brand Manager, Liam Colclough caught up with Collette Jackson-Hobbs, Partner at Cole and Yates to discuss how they help candidates find the perfect role.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

We cover permanent or fixed term contract recruitment projects in England, Wales and Scotland.


What is the process for joining Cole and Yates as a candidate?

To sign up as a candidate call and speak to one of the team on 0333 577 3522, during the call we will find out what you are looking for in terms of job, location, ideal salary and what you can offer in terms of skills, experiences, licences etc., if you have a CV we can hold a copy of that, if you prefer not to send a copy that is fine we can get a lot of information from when we speak to you and use that to set you up, then as a matching job opportunity comes in we can give you a call to go through it with you.


What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency to find work?

Recruitment Agencies work for more than one company so have a wider range of vacancies in a wider area, they know what their client is looking for and with Cole & Yates we keep you informed every step of the way letting you know if you have been successful or not and will always aim to provide feedback as to why an application has not been successful.  We can help improve or write a CV if a job seeker does not have one, the key thing to remember as a candidate is you are great at what you do, we are great at admin related to recruiting so can quickly type up, save and send you back a CV to check or approve which we can then use and you get to keep a copy too.  We can answer questions, we can point you in the right direction or suggest alternatives.


How do you prepare candidates for interviews?

As soon as an interview has been confirmed, we call to let you know, schedule that interview for a mutually convenient day / time, we confirm all of this and the full job details by email and have an interview preparation check list that we also include so you can do your own homework on the company, job opportunity and taking the time to do this we find ensures our candidates arrive dressed appropriately (as first impressions do count), fully understand the job requirements, company expectations, what the salary and benefits package include to ensure they  are fully prepared as they can be for their interview.  If you have an interview on a Monday and you think of something you should have asked ahead of your interview over the weekend you will have a contact number to speak to one of the team, exactly the same for the evening before your interview, if you are being interviewed first thing we will make sure there is someone you can contact here to say you are running late, caught in traffic, have an issue with your car etc.,  the same applies for any after hour interviews we will always ensure there is someone here to take a call.


How do you support candidates once they have successfully found a post through yourselves?

We go through the offer letter and contract with all successful candidates to ensure they are happy with everything, if not then we speak to our Clients on their behalf to aim to resolve any issues. We keep in touch until they start, if there are any questions regarding expectations for that first day including the simple “What time do I start ?”, “What do I wear ?” or “Do I need to take anything ?” we can let them know.  Once someone has started we are there if they want to call, we don’t generally call for a chat as we know they will be at work but all our candidates know if there is an issue they can call us, we have a select number of Clients that we work with, all of these have good reputations as employers and companies so we are confident that the candidates we place with them will have a positive work life.


What advice would you give to somebody struggling to find employment within the sector?

Simple things like when applying attach a CV or include a summary showing that you have the required skills / experience etc., that are needed to do the job you are applying for, we don’t always have time to call everyone who applies as we can have 50+ applications per job so if you have not included for example that you are an experienced landscaper when applying for a landscaping job and all we can see is non-related work we could reject your application, a brief “I have attached a CV but it is not up to date and I do have landscaping experience” means we will give you a call, another really handy hint make sure that the phone number and email on your CV and any online profile is correct as if those do not work we can’t speak to you. If you are not sure you have all the experience or the right level of experience again just give us a call and we will be happy to run through the job requirements with you and from that and listening to what you can do we can let you know if the opportunity is best suited to you. We are approachable, we don’t mind taking calls and we’re nice to speak to too

You can search the latest vacancies with Cole and Yates via their COMPANY PROFILE with Horticulture Careers

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