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XL Soft Fruits
XL Horticulture Group Exmouth Road, West Hill, Ottery St Mary, Devon, EX11 1JZ
, United Kingdom

Phone: 01404 823044
Web Site: www.xlhorticulture.co.uk


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Welcome to XL Horticulture Ltd
XL Horticulture are suppliers of the worlds most advanced polytunnel polythene, smart films and spectral filter polythene and the world’s most energy efficient SUPER thermic polythene.
We are a family operated and owned company - we care about the products and services we offer. We also have our on commercial nursery so we have a practical understanding and knowledge of how our products can help you.
20 Years of Innovation and Research
Plants have adapted and evolved to grow in different parts of the world. Sometimes it’s the temperature and climate that effects them, but often it’s the light spectrum they are growing under that causes the change. For example there is more UV the closer you get to the equator, which means that you'll get a sun tan far more quickly whereas under a forest canopy part of the red spectrum is reduced.
Very often you are trying to grow plants which are not native to Mid/Northern European light spectrum. So we thought - WHY COMPROMISE? Let’s modify the light spectrum coming through the polythene to make it match, as far as we can, the plants natural light expectation. We discussed it with growers and developed a better range of covers to grow your crops more efficiently. All of our polythene is trialled in conjunction with research stations, universities and growers - we also use it on our own commercial nursery tunnels - and when it’s right we bring it to market. We are constantly monitoring its performance and updating our products to suit your needs.

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