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Whether you are looking for a new horticulture job or an opportunity in landscaping, find your perfect horticulture career online with our job search facility. Employers can advertise any horticulture and landscaping vacancies on this website, our sign up process is simple, quick and very cost effective. No matter what sub-sector of the horticulture industry you're in, applying via this website will be of great benefit to a first time job seeker in the industry or someone with a few years of experience. From a business' point of view, using this online job board is beneficial because they is no need to hire in-house teams of recruitment HR team personnel, therefore saving costs when looking to recruit new staff.

There's a wide choice of job opportunities that are available in horticulture which could include a florist, pollination expert, and flower distribution manager. Landscape horticulture deals with the production, marketing, and maintenance of landscape plants. A few of the jobs available in this industry include landscaper, landscape architect, and also landscape designer.

Olericulture is the area of horticulture that includes the production and marketing of vegetables. A few of the job opportunities that are available in this area are field representatives, farm consultants, and food processors. Another area of horticulture is pomology, which deals with the production and marketing of fruits. The same careers that are available in olericulture are also available in pomology, but they are geared more towards the fruit spectrum of horticulture. The final area of horticulture is postharvest physiology, which involves maintaining quality and preventing spoilage of horticultural crops. Most of the jobs available in this field include the storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables.

If you really like to do research or work with plants, then the horticultural field could be the perfect career path for you.
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